Setting up Windows Media Center

At this point this all file types and HD-DVD/blu-ray should be working.
This is a clean blank set up and I should (though I never do) back up/take an image, whatever..

Everything OK - Media Center Set-up -sort out the guide listings.
Scan for channels
Do a manual scan on 10714.00 H, 22000 for Channel4 and Film4 +1
See this link for all the freesat channels with frequencies -

If desired, tweak registry for ITV HD.

Because ITV HD is a red button interactive service it needs to be set up as a separate channel.
Vista will not see it when doing a channel scan unless MHEG (red button) on DVB-S is enabled.
Run regedit and browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionMedia CenterSettingsTVConfig\ Change the value of “fAllowDvbsMHEG” from 0 to 1.

Do a manual satellite scan with the values: 11428, 27500, H.
A few new channels should be found including 10510 which is ITV HD.
(If you don’t find these try 11426 and 11427 instead of 11428.)

Rename channel 10510 to ITV HD by going to the guide and highlighting the 10510 channel name before using “More Info” to edit the channel.
You can then use the rename channel option to set it to be ITV HD.

Q. I’ve been watching ITV HD and have switched to BBC HD and the screen fades to black after a second, what’s going on?
A. No one is quite sure. However, this is easy to fix by pressing Stop and then Live TV again. If this does not work then close the Media Center application before re-opening it.

Check Guide listings present
Scan for the channels the standard scan doesn’t

Finally, Tweak the menus - If you want to!