Gone Phising

It’s been a while since I posted, it’s been a busy few months. However the inertia is certainly partially down to me feeling that I needed to post about the site attack by some phishing scam towards the end of last year.

All of a sudden traffic to the site peaked massively, but the first I noticed was a couple of comments on posts that I almost dismissed as spam themselves. To the senders of those e-mails, I apologise.

Grant wrote:

You or someone using your website is sending fradulent, illegal phishing mail to customers of Bank of America. If it’s you, you’ll end up in jail. If it isn’t, someone you know, or not, will be going to jail soon. While there, they will have a broomstick rammed up their asshole.

Nice sentiment…

Veritas wrote:

Someone hacked you blog and is using it to redirect for phishing

Brendan wrote:

how ironic that the most recent post on your site is on security…as your site is being used by a phishing scam…from an email i just got from “Wells Fargo”

Not that I feel responsible for the exploitation, but perhaps that I didn’t resolve it as quickly I could.

As soon as I realised what was going down, I contacted my hosting provider, locked down my site and wondered a little at the ingenuity I found in the files that had found there way into the darkest recesses of my directory structure.

Then, feeling a little vulnerable, I guess I pulled down the shutters and hid.

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