Grails ClassCastException for Application

Having persevered with mapping my existing database in grails, it actually made for much cleaner domain objects.

I never much liked when hibernate started creeping out of configuration and into the code via Java annotations, so on the same score, it was cathartic to remove the database aware gorm mappings from my domain classes.

Adding the hibernate configuration was straight forward and clean and tucked away in theconf/hibernate directory; an hibernate.cfg.xml file listing the mapping resources and an hbm.xmlresource file for each entity.

All was going swimmingly until I was adding my last domain class; modelling an Application.

As soon as I wanted to “show” a particular Application I was getting a ClassCastException.

It would appear that I’m not the first to hit this, so luckily I didn’t have waste too much time trying to figure out why:

application/create throws java.lang.ClassCastException: Application cannot be cast to javax.servlet.ServletContext


there is a variable in the GSP binding called ‘application’ that is the ServletContext this gets overridden when you return the model from the controller

The bug is on create, but I guess as I am coming from the legacy database angle, I didn’t have to “create” before I tried to “show”.


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