Grails on an existing database revisited

Some time ago I looked at what was necessary to have Grails work on an existing database rather than the green field scenario painted in most examples.

It seemed straight forward enough, but beyond curiosity, I didn’t have anything I was particularly trying to achieve, so I moved along.

Yesterday, once again messing around with grails, I found something I couldn’t seem to achieve via gorm.

Basically, I couldn’t define the column mapping for an embedded class (where instead of mapping classes onto separate tables a class can be “embedded” within the current table).

I had hoped it would be a straight forward as defining the column mappings in the embedded class definition, but unfortunately not. Any mappings appear to be ignored.

I tried in the embedding class. No. I even experimented with the embedded property, but that was a long shot I didn’t expect to work anyway.

It would seem I will have to define the mapping in the old fashioned hibernate configuration file way.

One useful thing I did find in this frustrating experiment is that the configuration setting …

dataSource {
  logSql = "true"

… provides a more readable format than …

hibernate {
  show_sql = "true"

Not a total loss then!

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