Freesat part 2

Being the impatient sort, I ordered my BlackGold BGT3540 6in1 DVB-S tuner, even though I haven’t yet installed my satellite system. (Though I have convinced myself that it will work!)

However, I didn’t expect it to turn up the next day. This was quite frustrating since the lack of suitable weather and someone to hold the ladder for me meant there was no way it was going to happen this weekend.

Spurred on though, I spent a couple of hours crawling around the loft routing the cable in readiness. The wind and rain were lashing the other side of the slates, so I was thankful to at least have an indoor task to complete.

My cunning plan to achieve the WAF and keep the cables safe and out of site, I routed them down the cavity surrounding the soil stack running the full height of the house; from vent in the roof to the drains beneath. A little fiddly, but I think worth the effort. My living room set up is in the corner of the room backing on to this space and the stack itself is boxed in the kitchen. Thus allowing my shotgun cable to be ready for the BlackGold in my (recently updated) media center and a third cable for a tuner in the kitchen.

Now as soon as it stops raining, I’ll get up that ladder!

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