Grails on an existing database

The usual grails approach is to create the database to reflect the model, but if there is an existing database there a few things to bear in mind.

I got a good start on this from Grails on Oracle, but it’s a bit out of date now and is still from a having control over the database angle.

In the configuration

I was getting an “Unsupported feature”

Although this appeared to be down to the target database not supporting auto-detection, I was providing org.hibernate.dialect.OracleDialect in the hibernate properties. However, after checking the documentation on Grails Data Sources, this should have been in the data source.

dataSource { 
  pooled = true 
  driverClassName = "oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver" 
  dialect = "org.hibernate.dialect.OracleDialect" 
  username = "username" 
  password = "password" 
hibernate { 
  show_sql = "true" 
  cache.provider_class = "org.hibernate.cache.NoCacheProvider" 
  current_session_context_class = "thread" 

environments { 
  development { 
    dataSource { 
      dbCreate = "update" 
      url = "jdbc:oracle:thin:@path:port:sid" 

After sorting that, the errors were SQL grammar related and needed to be dealt with at the domain object level; show_sql = “true” did work in the hibernate properties and helped identify where these were coming from.

In the domain objects

The differences are captured in mapping declaration… (duh!)

  • I didn’t want my domain object to be the same name as the table.
  • The id column in the table was not to the grails convention.
  • There was no version column in the table.

(There was a lastUpdated column, but the first task was to get something working before I worried about optimistic locking!)

class MyDomainObject { 
  static mapping = { 
    table 'db_domain_object' 
    id column:'domain_object_id' 
    version false // no version column in table } 
    String someProperty String someOtherProperty 

Nothing earth shattering or difficult, but not exactly obvious from the server output.

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