The Yellow Brick Road to God Knows Where

So, it’s Saturday morning and I’m browsing ent24, my favourite site for local gigs and events, and I notice that not all on the London dates for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds are marked as sold out.

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds“>

Not wanting to mess around, I’m straight on the phone and after a couple of minutes of automated messages I get to speak with an actual person…

“Hi, I’d like two tickets for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.”

“Wicked! What date would you like?”

“Friday 9th May please.”

“And that would be the seven thirty performance”

“Yeah, that sounds about right”

“What seats would you like? We have £60, £30 and £15”

Odd. “Whereabouts are they?”

“The £15 and £30 tickets are in the stalls, the £60 is in the circle. Actually, the £15 ones are in really good positions.”

I look at the seating plan. “Ok then, I’ll go for those!”

I’m getting pretty excited by this point. Tickets for a gig I was sure would be sold out and cheaper than listed. Great!

“So, just to confirm… Two tickets for Wicked on Friday 9th May at 7:30”

“Er, just a second. Did you say ‘Wicked’ as in the show Wicked?”


“Isn’t Nick Cave playing on Friday 9th May at 7:30?”

“Victoria Apollo Friday 9th May at 7:30, Wicked.”

“I rang the number of the Hammersmith Apollo.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Phew, that was a narrow escape”

“Yes. The Hammersmith Apollo; who did you want tickets for?”

“Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds”

“No, sorry, I’m not getting any availability on that.”

I don’t know what sort of speech impediment I must have for Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds to be heard as Wicked. I thought she was simply echoing my great taste! Either way, it looks like I’ll have to listen to Dig Lazarus Dig from home tomorrow…

Image is courtesy of gustavoBom’s photostream on flickr.

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