Let's git this a go

My personal website and blog has been sitting on the back burner for a number of years now. Every time a contract is coming to an end it crosses my mind to get my website sorted out. Somehow (thankfully) I find myself ensconced in a new role before I get around to it and back down the backlog it goes again.

My most recent contract saw me spending a lot of time in hotels with my evenings to myself, so I did make some headway. I evaluated a number of approaches and got stated with a skeleton site a few months ago and started a few posts.

Now with the onset of COVID-19 and lock down I find that I have some time to take it a little further.

The first iteration of this site was back in 2003. Implemented in ASP if worked well until mid 2005 when the hosting provider finally pulled support.

I wasn’t until 2008 that I revitalised it, installed a LAMP stack and started blogging again on WordPress. Unfortunately at the start of 2009 the site was hacked and the combination of perceived vulnerability and received hate sort of took the wind out of my sails and the appetite to blog left me.

In 2013 I migrated my posts into a Blogger account with the intention of starting up again, but the migration process was enough to stifle the enthusiasm and the Blogger interface was awful.

So it wasn’t until I stumbled across GitHub pages that my interest was piqued again, perhaps 3 years ago. Static site generation seemed to address much of what I didn’t like before. More like the security of my first site, but with templating and obviously, no ASP.

3 years on. I’m not using GitHub pages, or Jekyll. I’m not using GatsbyJS, despite recommending it to my last client. Nor Grav, evaluated for the one before that.

I just really like GitLab. I really like Go.

A git backed site seemed ideal for what I would want. Hugo seemed to fit the bill.

So let’s git this a Go

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